With the support of Screen Ireland, Dublin International Film Festival has developed Irish Film Curators – a new programme for up to 15 early career film curators to develop their skills.

The programme, running July – September 2024, provides participants with all they need to know to plan and promote their own screening event. During the programme participants will work as a team and receive mentoring from professional film curators. The programme combines online learning through the ‘Curate-It’ app alongside in person meetings with the cohort and programme leaders. At the end of the programme participants will curate and promote a film season at the  LightHouse cinema in Dublin.

Meet the Irish Film Curators

Dammy Olaniyi
Dammy is an all-around film enthusiast with a background in acting, production, and directing short films. She has studied at the Gaiety, Identity School in London & in Trinity College where her passion for film & helping others has led to a place on the film curator course. With experience in running events with her choir & foundation, Dammy is excited to take all this knowledge and bring a unique blend of creativity to the programme.
William Reynolds
William Reynolds (he/they) is a queer Irish-Vietnamese film writer and programmer. They enjoy cinema explores and dissects societal standards. They primarily write about underrepresented minority groups in cinema and the intersection of different identities. You can see some of their writing in Film Club 3000, Trinity Film Review and TN2 Magazine. Follow them on Letterboxd @will90099.
Tom Brady
Tom is an avid cinemagoer and a huge fan of the Irish Film Industry. My passion for movies began at 13 when I watched Lenny Abrahamson's "Adam and Paul". Since then, I've been exploring independent and world cinema, and I'm a regular attendee at events like the Storyhouse Screenwriting Festival and the Dublin Film Festival. I'm proud to be a member of both the Lighthouse Cinema and the Irish Film Institute. I'm thrilled to join the Irish Film Curators Programme and connect with like-minded individuals who share my love for film.
Sean Reidy
Hailing from Navan but currently based in Belfast, when I can’t be found in the audience, I can be found sweeping up popcorn between screenings. My time working in front of house cinema roles has made me very opinionated about what does and doesn’t make the programming cut. I’ve gotten to have a some say over what goes on up in Belfast (have savoured some extremely selfish screenings of Elaine May and Wachowski movies), but I’m excited to take another step in the programming waters and work on something a little closer to home.
Rachael Ogunbowale
Rachael (She/Her) is a student studying Animation at Ballyfermot College of Further Education. “I've always loved film and animation growing up to the point in which I wanna make a career out of it. I love attending festivals and I'm honored to be a part of it the Irish Film Curators Programme”
Olivia Enos
Originally from California, Olivia is currently pursuing her Master’s in Film & Screen Media at University College Cork. Having an educational background in politics, critical theory and social justice from her previous institution, Olivia is drawn to the intersectional, interdisciplinary role film can play within communities. She is passionate about the art of curation and the role of programmers in challenging dominating conversations about representation and inclusivity at all levels of the industry.
Mitzi Smishkewych Kosovske
Mitzi Smishkewych Kosovske is a 20 year old neurodivergent writer, musician, and visual artist. She was born in the United States, but moved to Ireland in 2011. She is passionate about screenwriting and filmmaking, and working to create more space and conversation for autism advocacy in the industry and accurate representation for hidden disabilities like her own.
Jessica Buchanan
Jessica is a filmmaker from the north of Ireland. As well as having a love for making films she has always had a great interest in curating films. She is very passionate about Irish film and being able to promote Irish films in cinemas. She cannot wait to get started with the course and develop her skills and knowledge in film curation.
Clodagh Assata Boyce
Clodagh Assata Boyce is a Trini-Irish Curator and Visual Artist whose work focuses on collective resistance and the reclamation of identity and home.
Diarmuid O’Dwyer
I'm Diarmuid O'Dwyer, I'm from Limerick and am a second year film student at TCD. I've always loved cinema and am excited to work with DIFF and the Curate-It programme to learn about film festival curation. Favourite film: Punch-Drunk Love.
Cillian O Siochfhradha
My name is Cillian O Siochfhradha and I am an Applied Psychology graduate currently working in the film industry specialising in Sound Design and Acting. I found a love for the wider world of filmmaking through the film analysis academia I would read in college based around the horror films of the 60s/70s/80s and how they would apply the films’ shared metaphors as a form of cultural analysis of a time and how it relates to both our modern film culture as well as our political culture. I believe that all films matter and I believe strongly in encouraging people to watch films not only as a form of entertainment, but also as a way of educating ourselves on different cultures and communities and as a way of enriching our connection to a world that otherwise we may not understand and experience without film.
Jasmim Lobos
Jasmim Lobos is a passionate film enthusiast and aspiring filmmaker. She moved to Ireland 2 years ago for university and the unpredictable weather. In 2023 alone, she watched over 400 films, focusing on how cultural perspectives influence filmmakers around the world. Beyond her love for movies, Jasmim enjoys baking and embroidering, often accompanied by her favourite podcasts.
Katarina Loedel
Katarina is a recent graduate of The University of Galway, where she earned her Master's in Film Studies. Her dissertation focused on the exploration of cinephilia in the digital era of streaming services. She has previously been involved in several independent film projects in Galway and is keen to advance her career by contributing to film festivals. Katarina is also a dedicated advocate for the authentic representation of adults with intellectual disabilities in cinema, committed to fostering more genuine portrayals on screen.
Micol Zhu
I’m a postgraduate student at UCD, currently completing my master's degree in Gender, Sexuality, and Culture. I come from an interdisciplinary background: I’ve studied Cognitive Psychology for my Bachelor’s, but I’ve always wanted to combine my interests in psychology, cinema and gender studies. I am from Venice and my favourite place to be is at a film festival: I love the vibrant atmosphere, watching films from all over the world and meeting other cinephiles just as passionate as I am. I look forward to the Irish Film Curators programme and hope to add my own personal contribute!
Áine Cassidy
Áine Cassidy is a final year student of Visual Culture at NCAD. Film and curatorial studies have been her primary focus of research, with an interest in gender and political studies also. Her future ambitions include working within the creative industries as a cultural writer and as a curator of art and/or film.