International Film Festival 2024

Volunteer Applications are now closed for Dublin International Film Festival 2024

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Volunteer Applications for Dublin International Film Festival 2024

The Dublin International Film Festival Volunteers Programme is an  exciting way to become an integral part of Ireland’s premier cinematic event running  from the 22 February until 2 March 2024. Here at DIFF we pride ourselves on creating a close-knit and welcoming community for our volunteers.  Each year we assemble a team of enthusiastic newcomers from both across the  nation and across the seas, coupled with returning volunteers, who bring with them a  wealth of experience and a knowledge and love for what the Festival is all about!

Volunteering has many benefits. Not only is it a fantastic way to meet people with the  same passion for film as you, explore the city, and experience the cinematic  celebration that the Festival brings to Dublin each year, it is a wonderful opportunity  to gain first-hand experience of how an event of this scale is managed and  organised. International Film Festival offers people the chance to  discover films that they might never have gotten the opportunity to see by screening  some films for the one and only time they will be shown in cinemas in Ireland. The  connections formed between volunteers is long lasting and continues well after the  Festival wraps for the year.