Our Mission

Taking place in February each year, the Dublin International Film Festival is Ireland’s premier film festival event.

The Festival curates and presents the best in emerging international and Irish film and moving image culture for a wide audience through its flagship annual festival, along with a range of year-round events. DIFF aims to offer memorable experiences through audience interaction and engagement with filmmakers, actors and industry professionals, along with informed debate about the future of film as an art form.


The Festival will further consolidate its position as Ireland’s most popular film festival and one of the top ten film festivals in Europe.


DIFF is driven by a passionate belief in the power of film, across all its many genres and source cultures. DIFF is a particular champion of, and advocate for, Irish cinema. It is committed to introducing Irish audiences to provocative, inspirational and thought-provoking international cinema which might not otherwise be seen here.
DIFF aims to be an inclusive and diverse organisation that promotes and delivers equality of opportunity regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender or sexual orientation across all its activities, from programming and audience development to employment policies.
DIFF believes in supporting the work of filmmakers and facilitating the development of film practitioners by providing a platform which showcases talent, offers learning opportunities and creates a forum where valuable new working relationships can be formed.
DIFF is committed to the delivery of best-in-class programming as well as high-quality, diverse audience and filmmaker experiences.
DIFF will continue to explore the most innovative technologies and strategies available to curate and present the ever-changing art form of the moving image for its audiences.
DIFF strives to ensure that all its audiences have access to its full programme.
Trust and mutual respect are central to the Festival’s relationships with its audiences, filmmakers, supporters and stakeholders. The organisation strives to ensure true collaboration in all its activities.