Brand Upon the Brain!


Shot in nine days, this story of a man’s return to his childhood home has been described as a collaboration between Poe and Dalí, a Freudian vampire film and an avant-garde excursion. When it premiered at TIFF in 2006, it was accompanied by a live orchestra, a singer, an interlocutor and Foley artists. Maddin’s silent horror about confronting the past challenges the potential of filmic storytelling and the cinematic experience. 

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  • INFO:Sat 2 Mar / The Lighthouse Cinema / 14:00 / 1hr 39min
  • DIRECTOR:Guy Maddin
  • COUNTRY:United States
  • WRITER:George Toles, Guy Maddin
  • CAST:Cathleen O’Malley, Clayton Corzatte, Erik Stefen Maahs, Gretchen Krich, Jake Morgan-Scharhon, Maya Lawson, Sullivan Brown, Susan Corzatte, Todd Moore