DIFF Shorts 2



In this story of destructive unrequited love, Levi wakes up from an intoxicated night, convinced that his crush Roan kissed him.

Year: 2023

Director: Ian Fallon

Runtime: 18m

Country: Ireland


Guang has difficulty focusing during choir practice. He’s distracted by something more enticing than singing.

Year: 2023

Director: Che-ming Chang

Runtime: 24m

Country: Taiwan

The Red Seas Makes Me Wanna Cry

A haunted Ida travels to the site of her partner’s disappearance in an attempt to feel his presence one last time, and to say goodbye.

Year: 2023

Director: Faris Alrjoob

Runtime: 21m

Country: Jordan

Before Madrid

Micaela and Santiago are teenagers living in Uruguay and they are very determined to have their first time.

Year: 2023

Director: Ilén Juambeltz, Nicolás Botana

Runtime: 20m

Country: Uruguay

Golden Ties

Inspired by the nostalgic joy and simplicity of childhood friendships, this short explores the kind of bond that feels like fate.

Year: 2023

Director: Michelle Bardon

Runtime: 5m

Country: Ireland

7 Fois

When Elio is left waiting for his tutor, an unexpected visitor’s presence highlights some unforeseen truths. Year: 2023

Director: Christine Wiederkehr

Runtime: 17m

Country: Switzerland

Expectations and other products

A kiosk vendor stands in an empty supermarket daydreaming and contemplating the ontology of people and commodities. 

Year: 2023

Director: Dali Rust

Runtime: 14m

Country: Lithuania

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