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Somewhere Here

Inspired by the experiences of actors from the Lir Academy, this film follows an ensemble of artists and records their lives in Dublin. Break out talents featured include Ella Lily Hyland (Fifteen-Love), Agnes O’Casey (The Miracle ClubRidley RoadLies we Tell) and Adam Richardson (The Dry) among others. Wilson’s experimental storytelling includes songs by the Irish songwriter Vyvienne Long and DJ Kormac.
Year: 2023

Directed by: Juanita Wilson

Runtime: 37m

Baby Steps

Baby Steps follows Em, a young woman who is 7 months pregnant and has little to no connection to the baby growing inside her. Presented with an outdated and vaguely misogynistic tape from her father entitled ‘How to Connect with your Unborn Child’, Em attempts to follow the instructions in the hopes that they will lead her to some form of greater understanding. Though the process itself is an unmitigated disaster throughout, she does inevitably find catharsis when she discovers that her mother (recently deceased) also listened to the tape when she was pregnant with Em and left a message.
Year: 2023

Directed by: Hannah Mamalis

Runtime: 9m

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