DIFF dedicates half a day to Limerick film talent, inviting young filmmakers to screen and present their works on Friday, March 1. Representatives from the Arts Council, RTÉ, Screen Ireland and the Minister for Culture are expected to take part in the event. Join the discussion about the next generation of Irish filmmakers with ELF and Fresh Film at DIFF 2024 during the panel after the screenings of short films programmes.

Of Mice and Dogs

A beloved local dog is banned from the pub and the community seeks justice
Director: Eve Dufy

Yellow Glade

Yellow Glade is a heartwarming coming-of-age short film which draws attention to the blurred linkes between love and friendship. The chance meeting of two boys initiates a summer to remember, filled with adventure, exploration and self-discovery.

Director: Jodie Corry

Gnó an Rí

Three men fishing on a naomhóg, one of them crowns himself king, the other two exectute a clever revenge once they get back on land.
Director:Malachaí Ó Ciardhubháin

In Other Words Goodbye

During her final holiday before college, Niamh aims to mend the conflicted relationship with her critical, yet caring mother, while saying her own goodbye to childhood.
Director: Rhianna Woods


A freshly turned eighteeen-year-old, dislikes her birthday. In fact, she distracts herself by oacking for college. A mix of conflict and tension erupts between herself and her farther which results in self-reflection and acceptance that growth and change are inevitable.
Director: Greta Thornton


Following the death of a neglectful father, a pair of estranged brothers reunite by finding the same hiding space at his wake. They are forced to reconcile with the man their father was and their relationship to one another.
Director: Ashley Casey

Alive Again

A budding young artist finds herself stuck in a battle with working world when a stirring new experience unfolds.
Director: Seán Treacy

Feels Like Home

‘Feels Like Home’, a short film by Neassa O’Brien, is a chapter from Saoirse’s story. Abandonded by her parents at the age of 12, we meet her the night before her 18th brithday, on the verge of adulthood as she navigates life, love, and a newfound superpower!”

Director: Neasa O’Brien

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  • INFO:Fri 1 Mar / The Lighthouse Cinema / 13:30 / 1hr 20min