In The Room: The Future of Documentary Cinema


With documentary features like Pray For Our Sinners and North Circular drawing audiences to busy cinema screenings, the Irish documentary cinema scene is in good health. But how should this vibrant, dynamic creative sector make the most of the opportunity to play on the big screen? In this age of streaming and social media, what does the in-cinema experience have to offer documentary filmmakers and their audiences?

Using recent IrIsh documentary projects as case studies, a panel of filmmakers, exhibitors and journalists will discuss the potential and joy of cinema documentary, how cinemas have a new future as both discussion salons and performance spaces, and how to make film screenings into compelling in-person experiences that audiences find unmissable.


Derek O’Connor (RTE Culture, Sound Film Festival, formerly Darklight Film Festival)


Luke McManus, Filmmaker (North Circular,The Lonely Battle of Thomas Reid)

Sinéad O’Shea, Filmmaker (Pray For Our Sinner,A Mother Brings Her Son To Be Shot)

Alice Black (Head of Film Programming, Element Cinemas)

Zlata Filipoviç (How To Tell A Secret/The Farthest)

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  • INFO:Sun 25 Feb / The Complex / 16:30 / 60 mins