Irish Film Programmers Network Event & Lunch


Over the summer of 2020, a small group of Irish film programmers came together to share insights and knowledge about filmmakers, audiences, festival and cinema exhibition, and the move to online screening platforms. These groups expanded rapidly to include many cinemas and film festivals throughout Ireland
and the UK. The group met on a monthly basis to share resources and updates on their events and were often joined by international colleagues who shared
their experiences with the group. Since our return to in-person screenings, the monthly meetings have reduced somewhat but the group still meets to welcome new programmers and events and to debate issues relating to film exhibition.

As all of these events were held online – we would like to welcome our programming colleagues to our first in-person event on Monday 26th February at 11 am where we will be joined by Isra from T A P E Collective… and followed by a long over-due lunch.

Supported by the British Council

  • INFO:Mon 26 Feb / The Complex / 11:00 /