La Chimera


Step into the world of 1980s tombaroli – illegal grave- Italy, France, Switzerland robbers – with Arthur (Josh O’Connor), a young lovelorn British archaeologist, in this Tuscan carnival of a film. A masterclass in cinematic manipulation, it juggles a variety of ratios, film stocks, narrative tones and scores embodying the very slipperiness of history and memory which it seeks to explore. O’Connor, rakish and innocent at the same time, is simply marvellous.

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  • INFO:Tue 27 Feb / The Lighthouse Cinema / 18:00 / 2hr 10min
  • DIRECTOR:Alice Rohrwacher
  • COUNTRY:Italy, France, Switzerland
  • WRITER:Alice Rohrwacher
  • CAST:Alba Rohrwacher, Carol Duarte, Isabella Rossellini, Josh O’Connor, Vincenzo Nemolato