Lord Mayor’s Gala: The Irish Question


A provocative, poetic and cinematic meditation on the prospect of a united Ireland from acclaimed filmmaker Alan Gilsenan. With the likelihood of a border poll becoming an increasing possibility, do we really understand what that could mean for all those living on the island of Ireland? Or are we stumbling into some possible future as Britain once sleep-walked into Brexit? With unique contributions from the likes of Leo Varadker, Bill Clinton, Mary-Lou McDonald, Mike Nesbitt, Monica McWilliams, John Major, Susan McKay, Bertie Ahern, Fintan O’Toole, Gerry Adams, Linda Ervine and Peter Mandelson amongst many others, The Irish Question takes a fresh and sometimes surprising look at the dark trauma of the past and the unique possibilities of the future.

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  • INFO:Sun 25 Feb / The Lighthouse Cinema / 14:00 / 1hr 30min
  • DIRECTOR:Alan Gilsenan
  • COUNTRY:Ireland
  • WRITER:John Walsh