Mad & Wild & Bold: Guy Maddin Masterclass


Guy Maddin is a Canadian filmmaker known for his distinctive storytelling style, surreal humour and experimental visual approach. 

With acclaimed works like “My Winnipeg,” “Archangel,” “Brand Upon the Brain,” and “The Green Fog” (all featured in our retrospective programme this year!), Maddin has had an invaluable influence on world cinema. This session provides an opportunity to delve into his pioneering techniques, narrative innovations, and creative process. DIFF 2024 invites you to immerse yourself in the filmmaker’s body of work through screenings and gain valuable insights from his extensive experience during this masterclass.

The masterclass will be hosted by Irish writer/director Paul Duane, a longtime admirer of Maddin’s work, whose feature All You Need Is Death goes on release in April 2024.

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  • INFO:Sat 2 Mar / The Lighthouse Cinema / 10:00 /