Rapper-turned-filmmaker Baloji’s directorial debut is a magic-realist tale of family, relationships, suspicion and belonging. Following Koffi’s (Zinga) return to his birthplace, it explores the weight of beliefs on one’s destiny through four intertwined characters accused of sorcery. In a visually extravagant and entertainingly humorous depiction of troubling Congolese themes, Baloji guides his film into the phantasmagoria of Africa.

Supported by Irish Aid at the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA)

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  • INFO:Thu 29 Feb / The Lighthouse Cinema / 18:30 / 1hr 27min
  • DIRECTOR:Baloji
  • COUNTRY:The Democratic Republic of The Congo
  • WRITER:Baloji
  • CAST:Eliane Umuhire, Lucie Debay, Marc Zinga, Marcel Otete Kabeya, Yves-Marina Gnahoua