Screen Ireland Shorts 1


A selection of short films from Fís Éireann/Screen Ireland’s recent Focus and Frameworks short film schemes. The Frameworks films in the line-up are co-funded by RTÉ.


When Timmy skips school to invite his estranged grandmother to his tenth birthday party, long-repressed issues of race and heritage resurface, threatening the cords of the family.


Director: Derek Ugochukwu

Runtime: 15m04

The Last Set

A chance encounter with the grim reaper at a Lughnasa party and a dance between life and death, this 2D animation is a musical anaglyph on existence. 

Year: 2023

Director: Aisling Conroy

Runtime: 7m20


In famine-stricken Ireland, a girl learns that burning hunger is capable of incinerating kind hearts and so much more.

Year: 2023

Director: Martina McGlynn

Runtime: 14:13

Cod & Chips

A particularly nosey seagull strikes up a conversation with a suicidal man on Dublin’s Loopline Bridge in this tragicomic tale of nimble delight. 

Year: 2023

Director: Matthew Pidgeon

Runtime: 2m07

Yellow Belt

As his parents separate, a young boy encounters love for the first time in his Taekwondo class. Bruises bloom on his face, romance blooms in his heart, and he learns that love and hurt often go together.

Year: 2023

Director: Allyn Quigley

Runtime: 18:36

Room Taken

New to Ireland and experiencing homelessness, Isaac discreetly takes up residence in an elderly blind woman’s house, and the two form a unique bond, gentle and unseen.

Year: 2023

Director: Tj O’Grady-Peyton

Runtime: 18:29

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