Sidonie in Japan


Sidonie (Huppert) is on a book tour in Japan. Sidonie is falling for her publisher Kenzo Mizoguchi (Ihara). Sidonie can see the ghost of her dead husband. This film is a minimalist and soulful (literally) exploration of the transforming processes of grieving and healing. As Sidonie is lost and found in translation, there is something very complicated and human that persists and comforts in Girard’s storytelling.

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  • INFO:Wed 28 Feb / The Lighthouse Cinema / 20:00 / 1hr 35min
  • DIRECTOR:Élise Girard
  • COUNTRY:France
  • WRITER:Maud Ameline, Élise Girard
  • CAST:Auguste Diehl, Isabelle Huppert, Tsuyoshi Ihara