The only Indian film selected to screen at the 2023 Venice India Film Festival, Tejpal’s debut feature is about two big-city brothers who witness the kidnapping of a baby at a railway station and become embroiled in a perilous investigation. The film is literally a ride, with dizzyingly fast-paced action compressed in between long takes. Tejpal’s sharp direction meets its match in Banerjee’s brilliant performance and results in a compelling commentary on pressing social issues.

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  • INFO:Fri 23 Feb / 14:00 / 1hr 34mins
  • DIRECTOR:Karan Tejpal
  • COUNTRY:India
  • WRITER:Agadbumb, Gaurav Dhingra, Karan Tejpal
  • CAST:Abhishek Banerjee, Harish Khanna, Mia Maelzer, Sahidur Rahaman, Shubham