The Featherweight


Set in the mid-1960s, The Featherweight presents a gripping chapter in the story of Italian-American boxer Willie Pep who, down and out in his mid-40s, decides to make a return to the ring, at which point a documentary camera crew enters his life. Painstakingly researched and constructed, the film is a visceral portrait of the discontents of twentieth-century American masculinity, fame and self-perception.

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  • INFO:Sun 25 Feb / The Lighthouse Cinema / 13:30 / 1hr 39min
  • DIRECTOR:Robert Kolodny
  • COUNTRY:United States
  • WRITER:Steve Lof
  • CAST:James Madio, Jr., Keir Gilchrist, Lawrence Gillard, Ron Livingston, Ruby Maxine Wolf, Stephen Lang