Time Out


For the first time, three convicts, Hamosin (Sawadogo), Anthony (Leklou) and Colin (Cousyns), are granted a weekend leave. 48 hours away from the dehumanising penal institution. 48 hours to reconnect with their loved ones. 48 hours to try and make up for lost time. In this endeavour of redemption, Duchemin examines the indelible mark that prison leaves on the lives of inmates and their close ones.

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  • INFO:Tue 27 Feb / The Lighthouse Cinema / 15:30 / 1hr 58min
  • DIRECTOR:Eve Duchemin
  • COUNTRY:Belgium, France
  • WRITER:Eve Duchemin
  • CAST:Issaka Sawadogo, Jarod Cousyns, Karim Leklou