Opening Night Gala – TWIG


In this re-telling of Antigone set against Dublin’s gangland, young Twig dreams of escaping with her lover
Eamon, but her brothers’ deadly feud over the future of their late father’s kingdom draws her back. After the death of her eldest brother, Eddie, she goes in search of her other brother, Paulie, defying authority in favour of God’s law. This reception of the Sophoclean tragedy is an angry but sensitive response to the recent rise of violence in the streets of the Irish capital. Epic in its scope and fearless in its honesty, Quinn’s anti-war film comes at a very appropriate time.

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  • INFO:Thu 22 Feb / The Lighthouse Cinema / 18:30 / 1hr 47
  • DIRECTOR:Marian Quinn
  • COUNTRY:Ireland
  • WRITER:Marian Quinn
  • CAST:Sade Malone, Brian F. O’Byrne