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A presentation of short films presented by Virgin Media

Pregnant with a Drag Queen

Drag doesn’t change who you are, it reveals who you are. This docu-drama is about how a queer kid in 1990s Dublin discovers their true identity and inner strength when they give birth to Veda, a vibrant drag queen icon. Brady uses laughter to deal with a sensitive subject and tell an inspirational story of self-realisation. 

Year: 2023

Director: Colin Brady

Runtime: 22m

Country: Ireland


Adamma and her father Jide, seeking refuge in an asylum centre, are greeted by angry protestors. Things escalate when Adamma ventures into the neighbourhood, alone, in search of her missing cuddly toy, Kiki.

Year: 2023

Director: Naomi Sheridan

Runtime: 14m

Country: Ireland

The Head on Him

It is the 1990s and a young boy has just moved from Nigeria to Dublin. Desperate to fit in, he shaves off his afro. But the afro magically keeps growing back, bigger and bigger and BIGGER. 

Year: 2023

Director: Sean Gallen

Runtime: 15m

Country: Ireland

Never Kill a Femboy on the First Date

An Asian Irish crossdresser’s bold plans to seduce a closeted GAA player take a risky turn when three lads watch them having sex from afar.

Year: 2023

Director: Oonagh Kearney

Runtime: 16m55

Country: Ireland

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  • INFO:Sat 24 Feb / The Lighthouse Cinema / 17:00 / 1hr 8min