The End of Sex


When married couple and devoted parents Emma and Josh wave goodbye to their two young daughters who are heading off for an overnight camp week, they are at a loss. They don’t know what to do with themselves. This is the first time they will be alone together in a very long time. After pondering their options, they decide to ‘make some sex’ which turns into a very awkward (but comical) attempt including both of them faking orgasms.

After discussing his sex life with a work colleague, Josh takes a sexual aptitude test scoring a -83. On a visit to an art gallery, art teacher Emma meets an old crush. Having sex is very much on both their minds.
After witnessing the traumatic breakup of another couple’s marriage in a supermarket, Emma and Josh both decide that they urgently need to do something to kickstart the sexual side of their relationship. What better time – they have a full week with no child-raising responsibilities.

Their solution is to take turns during the remaining days to surprise each other with different approaches aimed at rekindling the romance (read sex) in their marriage.
To reveal these kinky scenarios would be spoiling the laughs to come. Let’s just say both Emma and Josh end up trying too hard, and failing hilariously. The outcome however is that these sexy escapades reinforce the love they feel for each other just in time to pick up the girls from camp.

Canadian filmmaker Sean Garrity has created one of those rare films that elicits many LOL moments.

Norma Farley Bodie

  • DATE: April 28, 2023
  • WRITERS: Jonas Chernick
  • DIRECTOR: Sean Garrity
  • STARRING: Emily Hampshire, Jonas Chernick, Gray Powell