Genre: LGBTQ+

The Summer with Carmen

While enjoying a day at Athens’ queer beach, 30-something Demosthenes offers to help his bestie and aspiring filmmaker Nikitas in drafting an idea for his feature debut, inspired by the events surrounding a certain dog named Carmen.

Orlando, My Political Biography

‘Virginia Woolf wrote my biography in 1928’ claims transgender academic-turned-filmmaker Preciado in this documentary of metamorphosis. He invites 26 trans and non-binary people to play Orlando, the titular character of Woolf’s novel, and the re-enactments are all unique, personal, visual and interpretative. More literary criticism than film, Preciado’s cinematic essay won the Teddy Award for […]

Housekeeping For Beginners

Dita’s (Marinca) house is home to a wild group of queer people. When her partner is diagnosed with a terminal illness, Dita is forced to promise that she will raise her two girls. To save this patchwork family, Dita has to act quickly and maybe even marry the only man available around. Stolevski’s riotous drama […]