Movie Venue: Irish Film Institute

The Swallow

In a small house by the sea, a woman begins a letter to an unknown correspondent. Surrounded by the books, mementoes and clutter of a life lived in one place, her home exposed to the waves of a rising ocean, she writes about the history of lost art. Considering what has been lost, and wondering […]

Perennial Light

In coastal Ireland, the memory of his best friend’s sudden death haunts a young boy even as he ventures into adulthood. Troubled by his own vortex of dark thoughts and an unnatural obsession with death, he embarks on a quest for healing and redemption. Hickey’s film is a dialogue-free hybrid monochromatic piece of cinema, featuring […]

The Swimming Diaries

Floating between conceptual documentary and experimental fiction, this film chronicles the 25,000 metres that Thomson swam during the period of her mother’s death. An adaptation of her book, it uses dance, music and memorial archives to translate text into movement.  A Reel Art film, funded by the Arts Council

Conor Walsh: Selected Piano Works

Conor Walsh wrote his heart out in minimalist piano compositions. This is a musical vignette of thesoundtrack of his life. It celebrates the work he left behind when he tragically died of a heart attack at 36, just when his music was beginning to flow out into the world. A Reel Art Film, funded by […]

Brendan Gleeson’s Farewell to Hughes’s

To some it was an unassuming pub on a side street in Dublin’s city centre. To musicians, dancers, singers and listeners, Hughes’s was a mecca of traditional Irish music for more than 35 years. After it closes its doors for the final time, actor Brendan Gleeson returns to it to commemorate its invaluable legacy. In […]

Don’t Forget to Remember

There is an inherent understanding of the grieving process when a loved one is lost. But what if that person isn’t gone? What does grief mean then? In collaboration with the artist Asbestos, Killeen’s unconventional documentary explores the lived experience of Alzheimer’s whilst also honouring the ties of family. Considering the simultaneous fragility and fortitude […]