Genre: Documentary

Documentary Shorts

The Building and Burning of a Refugee Camp Three men seeking sanctuary in Ireland find themselves caught on the streets between a hostile asylum policy and an increasingly militant far-right. Year: 2023 Director: Dennis Harvey Runtime: 20m Country: Sweden Midnight Rising Year: 2023 Director: Aileen Ye Runtime: 8m Country: United Kingdom Down the Market Year: […]

The Lynda Myles Project: A Manifesto

Structuring this intimate and insightful portrait of Lynda Myles, academic Susan Kemp invokes a form known to define, criticize, and shift paradigms in culture – the manifesto. Mixing archival material with interviews, including Jim Hickey and B. Ruby Rich, Kemp employs a series of provocations to tease out the philosophy behind a lifetime of ground-breaking […]

Samuel and the Light

For his first feature, Girnys filmed Samuel and his family for six years and chronicled the complex reality which emerged in the small fishing village of Ponta Negra on the arrival of electricity and tourism. In his documentary, he consciously drew a portrait of contemporary Brazil with suggestion rather than explanation. The film won the […]

Posso Entrare? An Ode To Naples

Naples is a city with a reputation. A city of culture, of creativity, but also a city of chaos and criminal neglect. Director Trudie Styler confronts the challenge, the intrigue, and the complexities of this unique city. Allowing the people of Naples to tell their own story reveals a city of generosity and cruelty, a […]

Orlando, My Political Biography

‘Virginia Woolf wrote my biography in 1928’ claims transgender academic-turned-filmmaker Preciado in this documentary of metamorphosis. He invites 26 trans and non-binary people to play Orlando, the titular character of Woolf’s novel, and the re-enactments are all unique, personal, visual and interpretative. More literary criticism than film, Preciado’s cinematic essay won the Teddy Award for […]

My Winnipeg

In what Maddin himself described as a ‘docu-fantasia’, a filmmaker attempts to film his way out of his hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Cinema and psychotherapy mingle and merge in this extremely heartfelt and sardonic portrait of a city where ‘everyone sleepwalks through life’. When the film came out in 2008, many critics and reviewers wrote […]

Made in England: The Films of Powell & Pressburger

Producing, writing, and directing, Powell and Pressburger created great classics of the British golden age of cinema, inc. The Red Shoes, Black Narcissus, and A Matter of Life and Death. Martin Scorsese takes audiences on a very personal journey as we hear how from a young age he was captivated by their films, and how […]

Lord Mayor’s Gala: The Irish Question

A provocative, poetic and cinematic meditation on the prospect of a united Ireland from acclaimed filmmaker Alan Gilsenan. With the likelihood of a border poll becoming an increasing possibility, do we really understand what that could mean for all those living on the island of Ireland? Or are we stumbling into some possible future as […]

The Swimming Diaries

Floating between conceptual documentary and experimental fiction, this film chronicles the 25,000 metres that Thomson swam during the period of her mother’s death. An adaptation of her book, it uses dance, music and memorial archives to translate text into movement.  A Reel Art film, funded by the Arts Council

Cannes Uncut

The story of the glorious excesses, triumphs and failures of Cannes is one that demands to be told. Penny and Blanshard’s documentary revels in the glamour, red carpets, parties and personalities which see the business of cinema implant itself on the French Riviera for two weeks every year. It ofers an exciting high-adrenaline, roller-coaster experience […]