Genre: Thriller

The Universal Theory

1962. A physics congress in the Alps. An Iranian guest. A mysterious jazz pianist. Death, doppelgängers and a devious cloud formation in the sky. This is a sumptuous noir full of thrilling, supernatural and uncanny scientific mysteries, shot in black and white using CinemaScope. Calling Kröger’s sophomore film a visual treat is an understatement.

Swing Bout

This crime thriller, set backstage at a major boxing event, Ireland traces Toni Gale’s (Berkeley) tumultuous journey from the dressing room to the ring over the course of a night of deceit, betrayal, and life-altering decisions. Premiering at DIFF, O’Carroll’s film is a white-knuckle ride which tells its fisted story without ever revealing the boxing […]


The only Indian film selected to screen at the 2023 Venice India Film Festival, Tejpal’s debut feature is about two big-city brothers who witness the kidnapping of a baby at a railway station and become embroiled in a perilous investigation. The film is literally a ride, with dizzyingly fast-paced action compressed in between long takes. […]

Red Rooms

Courtroom drama meets the serial killer movie in this story of a model and her growing obsession with a sadistic murderer who allegedly broadcasted torturing and killing his victims for a paying audience on the dark web. Scored by Pascal Plante’s brother Dominique Plante, this disturbing psychological thriller is preoccupied with all things shocking and […]


A mother demands answers from the school faculty when her young son starts behaving strangely. Whatunfolds is a story that must be told several times before it can be fully understood. A timely tale of family,friendship, love and hope, Kore-eda’s typically sensitive work is set to Ryuichi Sakamoto’s sublime score. This deeply moving and breath-taking […]

Mami Wata

Set in the matriarchal ocean village of Iyi, where West African water deity Mami Wata reigns via the village leader, this genre-bending tale brings to life a futuristic fable that fuses spiritual beliefs with inter-generational tensions. Vividly shot in black-and-white by the talented and award-winning Lílis Soares, Obasi’s third feature is an ambitious visual experience. […]