Isabelle Huppert – Volta Award Recipient

We’re delighted to announce that screen legend Isabelle Huppert will receive the DIFF Volta Award and be a special guest for the upcoming festival.  

Festival Director Gráinne Humphreys said, “One of the finest actors of her generation, Isabelle Huppert has made an indelible impression on world cinema, her fearless performances, boundless curiosity and incredible work rate has defined modern French cinema. We relish the opportunity with our Festival audience to celebrate her career and her immense talent in presenting her with our Volta Award in person in Dublin.” 

Isabelle Huppert is renowned as being one of France’s hardest working and most accomplished actors whose early career saw her work with major directors Bertrand Tavernier, Claude Sautet and Bertrand Blier. She became Claude Chabrol’s muse with Violette Nozière, and worked with him on numerous occasions. Her (first) acting prize at Cannes garnered her offers from around the world, and she went on to make a series of films, some of which were quite controversial, with directors as diverse as Marco Bellochio, Marco Bolognigni,  Michael Cimino, Marco Ferreri, Liliane de Kermadec, Jean-Luc Godard, Michael Haneke, Hal Hartley, Werner Schroeter, Paul Verhoeven and many others. 

Her willingness to take risks and her taste for adventure have led her to work with filmmakers from all horizons (most recently the Hong Sang-Soo from Korea and Joachim Trier from Norway). In her films with Chabrol, as well as in other great titles, Isabelle Huppert plays characters in search of an impossible ideal, even if this means sinking into a form of madness. The quintessence of Huppert’s acting, her uniqueness, is the distance she builds between her characters and the events they are confronted with, a form of impassiveness that creates an opaque psychological turmoil. 

A renowned and much-admired actress, Isabelle Huppert has won numerous awards around the world, including  five Lumières Awards, a BAFTA Award, three European Film Awards, two Berlin International Film Festival, three Cannes Film Festival and three Venice Film Festival Awards, a Golden Globe Award, and an Academy Award nomination. 

The festival is honoured that Isabelle Huppert will visit Dublin with director Élise Girard to present the Irish premiere of Sidonie in Japan and to accept the Festival’s highest honour the Volta Award. 

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