Movie Venue: The Lighthouse Cinema

Opening Night Gala – TWIG

In this re-telling of Antigone set against Dublin’s gangland, young Twig dreams of escaping with her loverEamon, but her brothers’ deadly feud over the future of their late father’s kingdom draws her back. After the death of her eldest brother, Eddie, she goes in search of her other brother, Paulie, defying authority in favour of […]


Toni (Cottin) is raising her five teenage children alone. When her two eldest prepare to go to college, sheconsiders applying to university herself. Ambrosioni’s film does not define motherhood as womanhood but as one aspect of womanhood. In its tender narrative of an unusual coming of age, this film shows that it’s never too late […]

The Universal Theory

1962. A physics congress in the Alps. An Iranian guest. A mysterious jazz pianist. Death, doppelgängers and a devious cloud formation in the sky. This is a sumptuous noir full of thrilling, supernatural and uncanny scientific mysteries, shot in black and white using CinemaScope. Calling Kröger’s sophomore film a visual treat is an understatement.

The Teachers’ Lounge

When one of her students is accused of theft, secondary Germany school teacher Carla (Benesch) decides to get to the bottom of it. Premiering at Berlin, this thriller with a seemingly not-so-thrilling subject matter is an insidious classroom drama preoccupied with issues of ethics, racism, loyalty, and the dangers of stubborn principles. Marvin Miller’s screeching […]

The Summer with Carmen

While enjoying a day at Athens’ queer beach, 30-something Demosthenes offers to help his bestie and aspiring filmmaker Nikitas in drafting an idea for his feature debut, inspired by the events surrounding a certain dog named Carmen.

The Line

Joe Walsh lives a quiet, and somewhat predictable, rural life in the sleepy Irish town of Finbarrack which is upended with the death of his older brother Patrick. At the same time, Nina, a Ukrainian refugee, arrives in the village. They form an unlikely friendship during the course of which Joe begins to overcome his […]

The Lynda Myles Project: A Manifesto

Structuring this intimate and insightful portrait of Lynda Myles, academic Susan Kemp invokes a form known to define, criticize, and shift paradigms in culture – the manifesto. Mixing archival material with interviews, including Jim Hickey and B. Ruby Rich, Kemp employs a series of provocations to tease out the philosophy behind a lifetime of ground-breaking […]

The Informer

The earliest adaptation of Liam O’Flaherty’s novel, this Irish revolutionary drama anticipates film noir in its aesthetics and fast-moving narrative. Set among Dublin revolutionaries in the early days of the Irish Free State(formed in 1922), the action starts when a clandestine meeting of revolutionaries is raided by the police and the police chief is shot […]

The Green Fog

A reimagination of Hitchcock’s 1958 Vertigo using footage from old movies and television shows, this is Maddin’s piece of film scholarship preoccupied with cinematic heritage, the city of San Francisco and its own self-critical aspects. The collage-film is cloaked in much of the same mystery and intrigue which veils its plot, and is considered a […]

The Featherweight

Set in the mid-1960s, The Featherweight presents a gripping chapter in the story of Italian-American boxer Willie Pep who, down and out in his mid-40s, decides to make a return to the ring, at which point a documentary camera crew enters his life. Painstakingly researched and constructed, the film is a visceral portrait of the […]