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Scoring the Story – a focus on Composing for Documentary

Join us for a panel discussion with composers Denis Clohessy (Breaking Brothers) and Tom Hodge (High & Low – John Galliano) on their approaches to composing for these two documentaries from DIFF 2024 programme. This is an exciting opportunity to hear film composers talk on their wider work in documentary music, on the process involved in […]

Tanqueray 0.0% Film Club: In Conversation with Hugo Weaving

The internationally renowned Actor Hugo Weaving sits down for In Conversation with RTÉ’s, Michael Doherty. With an illustrious career across theatre, indie film, and several global franchises, Weaving rose to prominence through a stand-out performance in the award-winning Proof (1991), followed three years later by a starring role in the cult classic The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (1994). Now, as one of the most instantly recognisable faces in cinema, Weaving is […]

TWIG: A Casting Case Study

Join us in the discussion of casting for TWIG, the DIFF 2024 opening night film, with its two casting directors and a group of actors. Celebrating diversity and young talent, TWIG is an exciting case to explore casting in Ireland today. The Panel is hosted by Grainne Humphreys, the DIFF Director. Participants:Casting directors: Louise Kiely […]

Embedding Sustainable Practices: How to promote sustainability on any budget level

A number of screen industry professionals discuss case-studies in an effort to promote more sustainable production practices on any budget level.  Moderator: Anthony Muldoon (SPI) Panellists: Alex DeValera (Sustainability Manager & Advisor), Evan Horan (Producer, Keeper Pictures), Stan Nangle (Sustainability Advisor), Aoibhín Murphy (Producer & Development Assistant, Newgrange Pictures), Samantha Corr (Venom films)

Volta Award Presentation and Q&A: Isabelle Huppert

In this special presentation,screen legend, Isabelle Huppert, will be awarded the Festival’s career achievement award, the Volta. Madame Huppert will be presented with the award following an‘In Conversation’ with Irish actor, writer and director Olwen Fouéré (The Tourist, The Northman, Texas Chainsaw Massacre). Isabelle Huppert is renowned as being one of France’s hardest working and most accomplished actors whose early career […]

In The Room: The Future of Documentary Cinema

With documentary features like Pray For Our Sinners and North Circular drawing audiences to busy cinema screenings, the Irish documentary cinema scene is in good health. But how should this vibrant, dynamic creative sector make the most of the opportunity to play on the big screen? In this age of streaming and social media, what […]

Mad & Wild & Bold: Guy Maddin Masterclass

Guy Maddin is a Canadian filmmaker known for his distinctive storytelling style, surreal humour and experimental visual approach.  With acclaimed works like “My Winnipeg,” “Archangel,” “Brand Upon the Brain,” and “The Green Fog” (all featured in our retrospective programme this year!), Maddin has had an invaluable influence on world cinema. This session provides an opportunity […]

Tanqueray 0.0% Film Club – In Conversation with Trudie Styler

For the inaugural Tanqueray 0.0% Film Club event, the award-winning Trudie Styler, joins audiences at DIFF to talk about her work as a prolific film producer and director. Trudie was integral in discovering Guy Ritchie and executive produced his first two films – Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrells (1998) and Snatch (2000). She also founded the production company […]


We are collaborating with DIFF to give writers, directors, filmmakers, and other cinema creatives and opportunities to share their stories. The theme of the night is ‘CHILDHOOD’. All stories told will revolve around this theme. Stories may be personal anecdotes, other people’s experiences of someone in your life, pieces, monologues, poetry or anything we consider […]

Tanqueray 0.0% Film Club – In Conversation with Steve McQueen

The Tanqueray 0.0% Film Club will host an exclusive interview with the award winning director, filmmaker, and Turner Prize winning artist Steve McQueen. Known for titles including his acclaimed first feature Hunger (2008), the multi award winning 12 Years a Slave (2013), and the BAFTA award winning Small Axe series (2021), Steve McQueen will be joined by Irish actor and screenwriter […]