Genre: Romance

The Beast

2044: the world is controlled by artificial intelligence and human emotions are a threat. Gabrielle (Léa Seydoux) decides to purify her DNA to expunge all her feelings and gets transported to the past. There she meets Louis (George MacKay). Bertrand Bonello’s loose adaptation of Henry James’s 1903 novella, The Beast in the Jungle, is a […]

Sidonie in Japan

Sidonie (Huppert) is on a book tour in Japan. Sidonie is falling for her publisher Kenzo Mizoguchi (Ihara). Sidonie can see the ghost of her dead husband. This film is a minimalist and soulful (literally) exploration of the transforming processes of grieving and healing. As Sidonie is lost and found in translation, there is something […]

La Chimera

Step into the world of 1980s tombaroli – illegal grave- Italy, France, Switzerland robbers – with Arthur (Josh O’Connor), a young lovelorn British archaeologist, in this Tuscan carnival of a film. A masterclass in cinematic manipulation, it juggles a variety of ratios, film stocks, narrative tones and scores embodying the very slipperiness of history and […]